Frequently Asked Questions

The age of the campers depends on which camp your child is attending.

Day Camp: 5-12 years old

Resident Camp: 9-17 years old

Alumni Camp: 18+ with special needs

This typically only happens for our Resident campers. We will encourage the campers that everything is OK, try to get them to re-focus on the fun they are having, and that they’ll see their parents again in a few short days.

If needed, we can resort to a phone call with the parent or in the worst case, the parent can come pick the child up. 

Yes. All mail needs to be addressed with the following:
Campers Full Name
Camp Kern 5291 OH Route 350
Oregonia, OH 45054

We have 1 staff member for every 5 number of campers. This ratio has worked well in the past to ensure that all campers have the help that they need. 

Camp Emanuel prides itself on being inclusive and help your child fit in. Even if they are shy, there are ice breakers and activities we will do to help kids get more comfortable with each other and open up.

Typical camp activities include Canoeing, Archery, Swimming, Fishing, Trail Riding, Zip line, and more.

More information can be found on camp pages in the menu.


We need to know ahead of time what meal requirements your child has to be able to prepare.

We try to accommodate all campers as best as possible but if your camp is an extremely picky eater, we will want to discuss their needs with you prior to the Camp.

Please notify us ahead of time so we are aware of your campers needs.

On the week of the camp, please put all medication into a clear plastic bag and include it in their Camp bag. We have an on-site nurse who can assist to make sure they are taking their medication correctly.

It is imperative for you properly fill out all of their medical forms completely so we know your camper’s conditions ahead of time and can watch out for potential symptoms. 

For something as simple as a sniffle or a minor cough, the on-site nurse will take care of your camper. 

If more severe symptoms occur, you will be notified right away.

We only offer refunds up to 14 days before the your camper is to attend but there is a $50 non-refundable deposit that will not be refunded.

14 days will give us enough time to reach out and fill the position with another camper.